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Florence colliery Profile C.docx November 1898. The signals now in use are the old ones, being only single line in the shaft connected with a hammer at the top. When the line was pulled, it raised
the hammer and when released the hammer struck an old railway truck bumper to
give an audible signal.  
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This Site Is Dedicated to The North Staffs Miners' 4,700 Plus, Fatalities. The price paid in death and injury by the miners of North Staffs in winning the coal from the bowels of the earth for the benefit of the Nation should never be forgotten. 
Working Life of Jackie David. update.docx A recollection for the future generations. 
My Early Years Plus.docx  I was born in May 1927 in a small community called Felling Shore‚ on the south bank of the river Tyne in Co. Durham‚ between Newcastle and Jarrow‚ the town that was murdered in the 1930s with 72% unemployment.   
Miscellaneous update.doc  A number of short stories
The Miners' Struggle Part 1.docx A. J, Cook, secretary of the Miners Federation of Great Britain said;
“The history of the coal mining industry in Britain is one long record of
struggle between profits and human life. That is the battle which the miners
are fighting and it is the battle on behalf of the whole working class”.

 The Miners'Struggle Part 2.docx Updated as more information comes available.
North Staffs mining history Group.docx  We had all been pupils of Ian Baily in his local History classes "College in the Community", which he ran throughout the city, our first meeting was at the city archive in Hanley library. 
 Minor Accidents UD.doc In his report for the year ending 31st December 1875 Mr. Wynne, Chief Inspector of
Mines for the district including North Staffordshire, said; during the last
year 36 fatal accidents occurred in coalmines 
Coal Mining Hanley.doc  Although the Hanley-Shelton area abounds in coal, the mining industry has never been as extensive there as in the northern part of the Potteries. Its records, however, go back nearly as far.  
 Coal Mining Fenton.doc  Mining in the Fenton’s can be traced from the end of the 17th century. There was then coal-working in Fenton Culvert, possibly in the Pool Dole area.
 Coal Mining Tunstall.doc  The large number of disused coal shafts still visible in the undeveloped areas around Tunstall town in the later 19th and early 20th centuries indicates the extensive although mainly small-scale mining that has been carried on in this district of abundant coal.
 Coal Mining at Longton.doc  There was mining at Longton before the end of
the 17th century, and the supply of cheap coal in the area is given as one of
the reasons for the location of the first porcelain works in Staffordshire at
Longton Hall.

Sladder Hill Pit Explosion 1821.doc

 On Monday 12th August 1821 a most distressing event occurred at Sladder Hill coal pit near Audley in North Staffordshire           

Workmens' Inpectors UD.doc   As a result the Sunderland Committee was set upto inquire into the safety aspects of the coal mining industry. Two major improvements were forthcoming, namely the implementation of Coroners’ Inquests in 1813 to inquire into the circumstances surrounding all mining fatalities and in 1815 the introduction of the Davy safety lamp. 
Riotous Conduct North Staffs 1830.doc Reports having being generally circulated that a large body of Colliers, from Lancashire, have made their appearance at some of the collieries in the North of Staffordshire, and committed outrages there 
Colliers' Riot 1831.doc  Mark Hackney, a collier, age 21 was charged with rioting at the parish of Wolstanton.
Enoch Wood Scrapbook 1831.doc  When North Staffordshire's miners formed a trade union in the early 1830s, their masters responded by taking on non-union workers. 
Colliery Accidents at Lane End 1831 d.docx  Almost every number of this journal (The Staffordshire Mercury May 11th 1833) contains account of one or more colliery accidents in the neighbourhood Lane-End.  
 Colliery Accidents at Lane End 1833.doc Almost every number of this journal (TheStaffordshire Mercury May 11th 1833) contains account of one or more colliery accidents in the neighbourhood Lane-End. 
 Safety Lamps Petition 1834 d.docx  This is a copy of the Petition presented on
Tuesday March 25th 1834 by Mr Littleton, M.P. for Staffordshire.  
 Better Ventilation 1835.docx The report and evidence taken before the Committee of the House of Commons appointed during the last secession to enquire into the accidents in mines has just been distributed.
 Bignall Hill Explosion 1836.doc  About 8am on Monday 26th September 1836 a dreadful explosion of firedamp took place in a pit belonging to John Wedgwood, Esq. at Bignall Hill
Woodhead colliery Accident 1838.doc  A most melancholy destruction of human life occurred at the Woodhead colliery, near Cheadle. 
Explosion Railroad Pit 1839.doc On Saturday morning 22nd June 1839 an accident of a fearful description occurred at on of Mr. Sparrow’s collieries, Lane End, by an explosion of firedamp. 
Colliers Strike 1842 d.docx  On Monday evening 13th June 1842, a public meeting, called by the town crier, was held in the market place in Longton.
Pottery Riots 1842 update.doc

For the first time, many thousands of  workers’ acted together, creating unity, cohesion, and a feeling of common interest that provided a basis for building working class organisations.

Turnout of Colliers in Potteries 1842 UD.doc The ostensible origin of the discontent and disturbances appears to have arisen in this way:-
Broadfield Explosion 27th June 1843.doc It was recorded this week, a very lamentable accident at Broadfield colliery at Fenton. 
Colliers' Meeting at Smallthorn 1843.doc  On Monday 24th September at 3pm apublic meeting of colliers was held. 
Colliers in North Staffs April 1844 d.doc The men, being all in the Union, have contributed largely to the Union Fund out of their earnings.  
Knowles No 3 accident 1843.doc 

The accident took place at 6 am on Wednesday morning and was caused by the breaking of machinery in consequence of which four individuals were killed on the spot.  

 Pottery Riots 1842 update.doc For the first time, many thousands of  workers’ acted together, creating
unity, cohesion, and a feeling of common interest that provided a basis for
building working class organisations. 
Turnout of Colliers in Potteries 1842 d.doc There has been a good deal of excitement and fearful apprehension in the minds of peaceful and well disposed during the week in this populous neighbourhood,
Colliers in North Staffs April 1844 d.doc It is satisfactory to know that many more of the colliers in the district have
dissolved their connection with the Union, and resumed work;
 Letter to Coal Propritors North Staffs 1844.doc Gentlemen – We, your humble servants, are desirous of offering to your notice some plan whereby our condition may be bettered, and likewise calculated to assist you in obtaining such a return for your capital.
Trubshaw Colliery Explosion 1846 UD.doc

Another of those appalling calamities which are unhappily of such frequent occurrence in this mining district took place at the Trubshaw colliery near Tunstall, in the Potteries.  

Ventilation of Mines 1850 UD.doc In this present enlightened age it is a disgrace to the British nation, that so
many working and industrious men should be exposed, and their lives placed in
such jeopardy, for the want of better ventilation.  
Ubberley colliery 1851.doc

Early on Monday morning on the 25th August 1851 at Ubberley colliery near Hanley, the property of John Ridgway, Esq., of Cauldron Place, was the scene of a most disastrous occurrence.

Prevention of Accidents Ubberley 1851 d.docx

Meeting in Hanley: The melancholy accident at Ubberley colliery on the 25th August 1851influenced some parties to present a requisition to Joseph Cleminson Esq., chief bailiff of Hanley, to call a public meeting

 Earl Granville's collieries 1851.doc Matters stood thus until the 30th July, when the men at the other pits of
his Lordship also stopped work with a view of securing a rise of wages to the
same extent.  
Ubberley Colliery Accident 1852.doc  The inquest on the bodies of three boys who lost their lives at Ubberley colliery
on 18th February 1852 was held before Mr. William Harding Esq.,
coroner, at the Red House public-house Bucknall, last Saturday.
Death of 5yr old 1853.docx A 5 year old boy fell to hid death at an un-worked coal pit on Thursday 28th January 1853.
Dales Green colliery Explosion 1953.doc  Six miners were killed and one seriously injured in an explosion at Dales Green
Footrail, Harriseahead, North Staffordshire 2nd February 1953.  
Accidents in Coal Mines 1854.doc

The select-committee of the House of Commons on the subject of accidents in coal-mines has just made their report. The first topic averted to is ventilation.  

Nabbs Pit Explosion Silverdale 1854.doc

Below is a short story I think should be recorded for the younger generation of today, when boys of 12 yrs and 15 yrs were killed in the mines trying to earn a living when today they would be at school.

Oldfield Explosion 1855.doc  On Friday morning May 24th 1855 at about 10 am. A most terrible explosion took place at Oldfield colliery in Fenton, North Staffordshire belonging to W. H. Sparrow.
Struggle and Strife 1855 UD.doc

A strike amongst the colliers in the northern district of the Potteries has taken place, but happily is likely to be of short duration.

Great Fenton Explosion 1855.doc  The explosion on Wednesday morning occurred at the Sutherland and Homer pits, the former being the downcast and the other the upcast.  
Foley Colliery Explosion 1855 update.doc

At 4.30 pm on Friday 28th July another explosion of firedamp occurred in one of the pits of W.H. Sparrow Esq. At the Foley colliery, Longton.

Minnie Pit Opening Ceremony 1885 UD.doc The successful completion of the important addition to the Podmore Hall Colliery,
known as the Minnie Pit was celebrated on Friday evening October 30th 1885.
 Bycars colliery Explosion 1859.doc

A lamentable accident occurred on Saturday 29th January 1859 at Bycars Colliery, Burslem, North Staffordshire, and belonging to John Wedgwood Esq.

Over- wind Hanley 1859.doc 

The effects were appalling. Six occupants of the cage were thrown out and fell down the shaft, a distance of some 507 feet.  

Prevention of Accidents in Mines1859.doc              It was of course impossible for me to have thus forced on my attention, a calamity so tremendous, by which 189 human beings were suddenly killed.
Meadow Pit Accident 1860.doc             A most lamentable accident occurred on Tuesday morning at the Adderley Green Colliery near Longton North Staffs belonging to Stirrup and Pye.
Chell Colliery Acc 1860 d.docx  An accident occurred on Thursday morning at the Chell colliery near Tunstall, belonging to Mr. R. Beswick., The names of the deceased are James Foster and Thomas Foster, of Brownedge, father and son and John Hancock of Ridgway. 
The Times 1862.docx Sir, — During the ten yearsending December 31, 1860, it is officially recorded 9,090 lives were lost in our collieries, and 605,154,940 tons of coal raised ; so that on the average one person was killed for every 66,573 tons, and there was an annual slaughterof 909 persons. 

 Workmen's Inspectors.docx The early miner, like his counterpart in agriculture and industry was little more than a slave to his master. By 1700, however serfdom had mostly disappeared in English mines 
Talke Pit Explosion 1866 d.docx             About 11.30 a.m., an explosion of gas took place in that part of the mine. A minute later 89 men and boys were corpses strewed in all directions;  
Leycett Colliery Explosion 1871.doc  An explosion that has been attended with very serious consequences, occurred on Thursday 12th January 1871 at the Crewe Coal and Iron Company Collieries at Leycett. 
Sheriff Pit Explosion 1870.doc On 7th July 1870 an explosion occurred here, which killed 19 men.  
 Fatal Boiler Explosion 1870.docx A very serious boiler explosion occurred at the works of the Chatterley Iron Co. near Tunstall on Saturday morning in March
Miners Meeting Goldenhill 1871 UD.doc

On Tuesday evening 15th May a meeting was held near the New Inn, Goldenhill.  

Berry Hill Explosion 1871.doc  A serious explosion of gas occurred at Mr Bowers’ colliery, Berry Hill, on
Wednesday afternoon, resulting in the death of a man and a boy and the serious
injury of three other men..  
North Staffs Miners Demo 1871.doc   Thousands of miners turned out to show the people of North Stafford that there is such a thing as a miners’ and enginemen’s union.
Wages and Hours Part one .doc On Wednesday morning September 27th 1871, in consequence of no satisfactory arrangements having been made with respect to the advance of wages, about 700 miners’ of Earl Granville’s ground gave over work.
 Wages and Hours Part 2-1872.doc  The miners of Goldenhill lodge, in connection with the Amalgamated Association of Miners, held their second annual tea meeting at the house of Mr. John Wooton,
New Inn, Goldenhill, on Monday 4th December, 1871.
 Wages and Hours Part 3 -1873.doc No one will deny that the miners of this district have been successful in improving their condition by means of unionism.
Berry Hill Explsion 1872.doc

A serious explosion of gas occurred at Mr Bowers’ colliery, Berry Hill, on Wednesday afternoon.

An Old Collier 1871 UD.doc

 The Miners’ Association in this district is growing fast, and its members are beginning to see that the Amalgamation is a reality.

Miners Funeral Funds 1871.doc

May 6th, the subject of the position of the Widow, Orphan, and Funeral &c. Funds were discussed.

Weighing of Coal 1872.doc

On Wednesday Mr. William Brown addressed a meeting at the Swan Inn, Talke. The meeting was called to consider the advisability of having a weighing machine on behalf of the men at the Talke Colliery.  

Berry Hill Explosion 1872.doc

A lamentable accident occurred at Berry Hill colliery, North Staffordshire, on the 12th March 1872.

Sheriff Pit Explosion 1872 UD.doc .A terrible explosion of gas occurred on Saturday 21st December 1872 at the Sheriff pit near Silverdale, Newcastle, North Staffordshire, causing the instantaneous death of eight workmen.   
Goldenhill Coll 1872.doc On Sunday December 9th 1872 a fatal accident occurred at Messrs. Goddard’s Golden Hill colliery in North Staffordshire, by which two men were at once killed. 
Two Miners Suffocated at Talke 1872 update.doc James Finney age 23 and Joseph Leadham, age 20 two miners employed by the North Staffordshire Coal & Iron Co. At Talke came to
a sad end on Tuesday 23rd April 1872
Chesterton Miners Hall 1872.doc Mr.Street was consulted in relation to Chesterton Hall previous to it being built,
as to the best way of bringing it before the public.  
Amalgamation of Miners.docx Letter from Mr Brown (miners’ agent) in answer to a newspaper heading
“Notices” that Mr E. Lyons writes to say that a lodge in connection with the
Amalgamated Association of miners’ has been started at the Grandville hotel,
The Butty System N.doc After the 1872 Coal Mines Act the "butty" system disappeared           
 Ivy House Coll Explosion 1873.doc An explosion took place on Tuesday 20th February1873 at about 8.30 at the Ivy House colliery, belonging to the Ivy House mining Co. Situated near Bucknall station, North Staffordshire.  
 Miners Meeting at Silverdale 1873.doc On Tuesday evening 18th March 1873 a crowded meeting was held in the
Temperance Hall to listen to addresses from Mr. Lloyd Jones and Mr. Brown,
miners’ agent.  
Funerals at Talke 1873 UD.doc  On Thursday 18th February, was the scene of a frightful accident, between one and two o clock.  
N-S manpower-coal produced 1873-89.docx
1874                     20,756                                     4,486,483 
Testimonial to Mr Brown 1874 d.docx

Mr. William Brown, the excellent and much respected agent of the North Stafford miners’, was the recipient on Monday night 30th March of a handsome testimonial from members of the Miners Association (North Stafford district).

Meeting Harriseahead 1874 UD.doc 

On Monday evening the 18th May 1874 an open-air meeting was held at Harriseahead.

North Stafford Enginemen Demo 1874 d.docx

The North Stafford Branch of the National Federation of Enginemen held their third annual demonstration o Monday 4th May1874.  

White Barn Colliery Explosion 1874 UD.doc

The workings of the mine were much damaged, masses of roof having been dislodged by the force of the explosion.

 Co-operative Mining in N S 1874.doc July 4th a project is on the point of being set afoot to appeal to miners to take out shares in a co-operative mining society.  
Mr Brown Miners' Agent d.doc

 He was in a long strike in 1844, he was in a 40 weeks strike in 1858, he commenced beTestimonial to a miners’ agent in July 1863 when 1.400 men were locked out

 Colliery Accident at Tunstall 1874.docx There was great excitement in Tunstall between 8
and 9 on Thursday morning, when it was rumoured that an accident of a serious
nature had occurred at Mr Peake’s colliery.  
Adderley Green Colliery 1874 ubberley.docx  Early on Monday morning, 5th august 1874 considerable excitement was caused in the neighbourhood of Bucknall, Ubberley and Northwood by the report of an explosion apparently proceeding from the direction of the Ubberley Hall colliery.
Clough Hall Colliery 1874 d.docx  A man named John Benson has died from injuries he received, and two others Lomas and Foden have had narrow escapes, especially the latter.  
Cheadle Miners Dispute 1874 d.docx 

James Hand, district secretary.

For four years and upwards the Miners Association of North Staffordshire has moved onward in its peaceful endeavour to improve the position of the mining population of our country.
Bignall Hill Explosion 1874.doc  On 24th December 1874 a sad catastrophe happened at Bignall Hill colliery near
Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire 
North Staffs Miners Demo 1874.doc Again he yearly gathering of all the lodges in the vast industrial class of the
Miners’ Union in this district has taken place.  
 Miners of the United Kingdom 1875 UD.doc

In compliance with the National Conference held in Leeds of April last, and following days, the sub-committee appointed to lay the basis of a National Union have been in meeting two days this week.

 Miners Meeting Tunstall 1875.doc

He could not understand a man who was reaping the advantages of the union, and yet was not in the union himself.

Miners Mass Meeting Silverdale 1875.doc

Never was there a larger gathering of miners in Silverdale than the one that was seen on the Crown Bank on Thursday evening May 1st 1875 when about 3.000 crowded every available foot of ground,

 Important Meeting Hanley 1875.doc

A large meeting of miners was held on Wednesday morning 19th May 1875 in the Frederick Street schoolroom out of which the seats had to be taken in order to accommodate the great number present, many not being able to enter the room.

Bunker's Hill Explosion 1875.doc

A vast cloud of smoke rushed through the up-cast shaft, accompanied by a deafening noise, which, it is said was heard at a distance of 4 miles away.

Mass meeting Hanley 1875.doc A mass meeting of several thousands of miners’ was held on Monday morning 30th May 1875 on the Crown Bank, Hanley.  
Jamage Pit Explosion 1876.doc

At 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday 5th January 1876 the village of Talke, North Staffordshire was again thrown into a state of consternation by another terrible colliery accident.

Miners Ass North staffs 1876.doc

For some moths past the members of the miners’ Association have been working hard in order to place themselves upon a firmer foundation and make their institution one of the best in Great Britain. 

Revival of Unionism in North Staffs 1876.doc

By union the sick man will be visited and assisted; by union widow and the fatherless will be fed and clothed; by union the aged miner will be supported; by union colliers can defend themselves under all circumstances, and secure those rights which all men have a right to enjoy.

Coal and Iron trade 1876.docx  The present year has been a period of anxiety to most persons engaged in the coal and iron trade;
 The Miner (Newspaper) 1877.doc

An extract from a news paper called "The Miner" (Nov. 1877) this gives an insight to the thoughts of Trade Unionists at that time.  

Cause of Explosions in mines 1877.doc 

Before the invention of the safety lamp, the only means of guarding against the ignition of fire-damp consisted in the employment of an apparatus called the “steel mill.” 

Park Hall Cheadle Explosion 1877 UD.doc

On Tuesday 2nd July 1877, at the Town Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, a public inquiry was held concerning the conduct of Mr. Frederick Southall, certificated manager of the Park Hall colliery, near Cheadle

Burley Pit Explosion 1878 UD.doc  At No.1 Burley pit, Apedale colliery, North Staffs, owned by Stanier and Company
it was feared that up to 30 lives were lost between 1.30 pm. and 1.45 pm. on
27th March 1878 
Fair Lady Pit Explosion 1879.doc 

The Fair lady pit at the Leycett colliery, near Newcastle, North Staffs, the property of the Crewe Coal and Iron Co. was the scene of a fearful explosion of gas early yesterday morning, 12 September 1879.

 Miners' Meeting Audley 1879 update.doc

On Monday evening 9th February meeting was held in a large room adjoining the Kings Head, Audley. The attendance was large and a good union spirit was manifested. 

Fair Lady Pit Explosion 1879 update.doc  The Fair lady pit at the Leycett colliery, near Newcastle, North Staffs, the
property of the Crewe Coal and Iron Co. was the scene of a fearful explosion of
gas early yesterday morning, 12 September 1879.  
  Body in the Burley Pit 1880.doc 
 The body of one of the men killed by the explosion in the Burley pit, Apedale, two years ago, has been identified as that of Benjamin Riley.
Fair Lady Pit Explosion 1880 update.doc

The sudden shock of the explosion did its work effectively, and the burning and mutilation occurred to dead bodies, not to living men.  

Miners Meeting at Audley 1880 UD.doc

On Thursday evening 22nd January 1880 a crowded meeting of miners was held in a large tent adjoining the King’s Head Inn, Audley.

 The coal and Iron Trades 1880 update.doc  A well attended miners’ meeting was held in the club room at the Crown Inn, Red Street, on Tuesday 11th October 1880.
 Lillydale colliery Explosion 1881.doc An accident of serious nature happened at 11.30 am on Tuesday 3rd May 1881 at the Lillydale colliery, Bucknall, North Staffordshire.
 Chatterley Whitfield Explosion 1881.doc

Twenty-one persons were killed and several injured by an explosion, which occurred about 3.15, am on the 7th Feb 1881, at the Whitfield Colliery

 Organisation of North Staffs Miners 1881.doc

The miners of North Staffordshire have now another opportunity to build up a great association.

Deep Pit Explosion 1881.doc

About 5.15 on Monday morning 21st November 1881 an explosion of gas occurred at the Deep Pit, Far Green, Hanley.

 Mines Regs Act 1881.doc

The report of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of mines for the year 1881 has just been issued. The general summary of the statistical portions of the reports shows that during the year 1881.  

Re-opening of Burley Pit 1882 after 1878 explosion.doc 

Mr. J. Strick read a paper on “The re-opening of   the burley Pit, Apedale,1882 after the explosion in March 1878.”

Mr Brown Miners' Agent.doc  At a meeting of the members of this institute held at Stoke on Monday evening 19th June 1882, Mr. John Brown, the president, occupied the chair.
North Staffs Mining Institute 1882.doc At a meeting of the members of this institute held at Stoke on Monday evening 19th June 1882, Mr. John Brown, the president, occupied the chair.  
North Staffs Miners' Strike 1883 UD.doc

Proposed reduction of wages, a meeting of the North Staffordshire Coal and Ironstone Masters was held at the Queen’s Hotel, Hanley, this afternoon April 19th 1883, to consider the question of wages. 

Explosion Hanley Deep d 1883.doc

A disastrous explosion occurred at the Hanley Deep Pit, early on Sunday morning 1st September.  

 Fair Lady Pit Explosion 1883 update.doc

An explosion occurred in North Staffordshire on Sunday evening, the 21st October 1883 at the Fair Lady Pit of the Madeley Coal and Iron C

Sheriff Pit Explosion 1884.doc 

On Wednesday afternoon 14th May what might have proved a most serious explosion occurred at No. 6 Sheriff Pit, belonging to the Butterley Company.

Device to prevent over-wind 1884 d.docx  Mar. Edward Fourdrinier, of Cheddleton Mill, has just brought before the attention of the colliery owners of this district.  
Burley Pit Explosion 1885.doc 

Scenes of a terrible explosion of gas on Saturday morning the 20th of June 1885 resulting in the loss of nine lives.  

Minnie Pit Opening Ceremony 1885 UD.doc Thesuccessful completion of the important addition to the Podmore Hall Colliery,
known as the Minnie Pit was celebrated on Friday evening October 30th.
Miners Demo at Burslem 1885 d.docx

The annual demonstration promoted by the committee of the North Staffordshire Miners Federation took place on Monday 23rd August 1885 in the Burslem Athletic Ground, Moorland Road.

Glasshouse colliery 1885 d.docx  Report of examination of No 2 Pit, Glasshouse colliery, Chesterton, made on behalf of the workmen by James Lunt and Ellis Ellis, on August 21st and 22nd,1885: 
Safety Water Cartridges at Leycett 1885 d.docx

The use of ordinary blasting cartridges in the gaseous coal seams of North Staffordshire has frequently been pronounced by the Government Inspectors to have been the cause of explosions attended, not infrequently, by disastrous loss of life and property:

Fatal Accident Lily Dale 1886 d.docx

You, as the certificated manager, allow a boy, seventeen years of age to go down and contract with a man to do his work for a shilling, whilst he (the lad) went on the spree. What can you expect it will end in but disaster and manslaughter.

Accidents in Mines 1887 d.docx 

As an leading and active member of the royal commission appointed in February, 1879 to inquire into the whole question of the loss of life in mines, Sir Frederick Abel  

Coal Dust a cause of Explosion 1887 d.docx

He said that it had been proved that coal dust was one of the principle agents in colliery explosions, and was probably the chief cause of the great loss of life in such disasters. 

Chell Colliery Explosion 17th Aug 1889 d.docx This explosion occurred about 7.30 p.m. on the 17th August 1889, and caused the death of three men.
Mossfield Colliery Explosion 1889 U D.doc  The village of Adderley Green was fast asleep. The clock chimed ~ hour, it was now 3.45 a.m. and all was well. Five minutes later the colliery erupted with a loud boom, the most dreaded of all sounds in any mining village. 
 Pott's Mining Directory 1890 d.docx  Pott’s Mining Register and Directory 1890 North Staffordshire
Florence Colliery Cage Accident 1891 d.docx Some sensation was caused on Saturday afternoon, 25th April 1891 when it became known that a serious accident had occurred at the Florence colliery/ 
Sladderhill Explosion 1891.docx About one o clock Mr, W.N.Atkinson, Her Majesty's Inspector of Mines,
arrived and the exploration was continued. The eight men and two boys who had
been at work when the explosion occurred were found killed in their working
Colliery Explosion Kidsgrove 1894 d.docx  One man killed and 6 injured, plus 20 ponies suffocated. The neighbourhood of Kidsgrove was last night, Tuesday 16th October 1894 
Diglake Flooding 1895.doc One of the many hazards faced by miners was water, and no way could this be more emphasised than the flooding of Diglake Colliery in North Staffordshire on 14th January 1895, with the loss of 77 lives.
Four Generations of Rogersons.doc As you can see, the miners on my mother's side started young and finished old Charles, on the right, was born in 1828 and died in 1912   
 A Trade Union in the age of the Chartists d.docx  In North Staffordshire, unlike Derbyshire, the coal-owners did not make a determined attempt to crush the union. Perhaps they wished to avoid the repetition of the orgy of violence that had occurred during the general strike two years previously.
 Talke Explosion 1901 d.docx  An explosion occurred about 7.30 p.m., on the 27th May 1901 and caused the death of four persons.
 Bunker's Hill Inrush 1903 update.doc A newspaper report on Thursday afternoon January 22nd stated there had been an accident at No.3 pit at Bunker’s Hill colliery.  
N- Staffs Demo Longton Park 1910.doc  The miners’ annual demonstration took place in Queen’s Park Longton on Monday
 North Staffs Mining Institute 1910.doc The 38th annual meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers was held at the North Stafford Hotel, Stoke. 
 Miners Fed 1910 UD.doc The executive of the Miners’ Federation of Great Britain at their meeting at
Stoke-on-Trent on Tuesday decided to issue a manifesto on the issues of the
General Election. 
 Iron Man of Park House Colliery 1910 UD.doc  The pupils of the Collings-Harding Mining Schools were, through the courtesy of the Managing Director Mr. Pearson and the agent Mr. H. Owens, conducted over thePark House colliery, Chesterton June 1910.
 North Staffs Mines Rescue.docx The original North Staffordshire Mines Rescue Station was opened by the North
Staffordshire Colliery Owners Association in a converted house in January 1911.
 Jamage Coll Explosion 1911.doc This accident occurred on Saturday 25th Nov. 1911 at 9.50 a.m. resulting in 6 men being killed, and 14 injured.    
Extracts from the 1841 Commissioner.docx   
 Coal Mines minimum wage act 1912.doc In fixing the minimum wage for the different classes of workmen I have
acted mainly on the direction given in the Act. Viz. “The Board shall in
settling any minimum rate have regard to the average daily rate of wages paid
to workmen of the class for which the minimum rate is being settled.”

Enoch Edwards Pit boy Politition UD.docx  He was a British trade unionist and politician. Edwards was born at Talk-o'-the Hill
and became a coal miner as a child. He was elected to Staffordshire
County Council before becomingPresident of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain in 1904, and then MP for Hanley in 1906.  
 Norton Colliery Explosion 1912 UD.doc The local newspaper ran the story that an explosion took place on Saturday
afternoon February 24th 1912 resulting in the death of one man and injury of
another two.  
 Minnie Pit 1915 UD.doc  An explosion having serious consequences occurred at five thirty on Sunday night
17th January 1915 at the Minnie pit in the village of Halmerend, with the loss
of nine lives.
Minnie Pit 1918 update.doc 

The sinking of theMinnie Pit commenced three hundred yards from the North Staffordshire Railway Company Station at Halmerend in April 1883, to a depth of about 1,200 feet. Although the first sod was actually cut in 1871 in sinking the shaft, as there was trouble with quicksand and water.  

 Apedale Inrush 1923.doc An inrush of water and blackdamp occurred about 10.30 on the 25th April
1923 in the Great Row seam of Apedale Footrail in North Staffordshire belonging
to the Midland Coal and Coke Co. Ltd. 

 Birchinwood colliery Explosion 1925.doc There was an explosion at Birchenwood colliery, North Staffordshire on the 18th
December 1925 causing the deaths of seven men and injuring another seven.  
 Funeral of I Ball at Mow Cop 1925.docx Perched on the wind-swept slopes of the famous landmark, which divides Staffordshire on the north from Cheshire, the gauntparish church of Mow Cop was the scene this afternoon, (30/12/1925) of many simple and earnest tributes to the seven men who lost their lives in the pitexplosion at Birchenhead Colliery. 
Sneyd Colliery Explosion Jan 1st.doc We all accept the armed forces are vital to the nation’s
defence, but just as vital were the army of miners.

 Bevin Boys 1943 d.docx During W.W.2, the shortage of manpower in the mines resulted in the Ministry of Labour and National Service inaugurating a policy of drafting men of military age into the mines.  
 Glebe Colliery Explosion 1963.doc The local newspaper Evening Sentinel reported on Friday 14th June 1963 that three men died and several others had miraculous escapes, two were treatedat hospital for burns and shock in an underground explosion at Glebe Colliery,Fenton last night. 


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