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Posted by matthew dutton on 07/02/2012   Email

hi great great uncle (william stanyer,bill as he was known)was a member of the resque team of this great disaster in i was recently cleaning out my loft,i came across a box that my late father left to me,and inside to my serprise was my great great uncles,rescue medal,and was woundering,if there is a local museam where i could take it to be veiwed by many....awaiting a response.kindest reguards.....Mr,matthew john dutton.

Posted by Rob Richardson on 12/01/2012

In remembrance of the 155 Miners and a Rescuer who lost their lives in the Minnie Pit Disaster, Podmore Hall Colliery, Halmerend, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire 94 years ago today on 12th January, 1918. Let the final price that they and their families paid in the pursuit of coal never be forgotten. Thanks for the tribute paid in recording the details of the tragic event here.

Posted by Paul Rowley on 24/10/2011   Email

Thank you very much for a fascinating insight into the tragedy of the Minnie Pit disaster of January 1918. My great uncle, John Rowley of Miles Green lost his life in the disaster. I believe he was a rescuer. I recall my grandfather, David Bernard Rowley (son of George Edgar Rowley, of Rowley's buses at the garage on Heathcote Road in Miles Green) telling me stories of the disaster and of the story of Hugh Doorbar. I still have a copy of the order of service of the Memorial Service that took place at the local church and would be happy to email a scan of it if you would be interested. Your account is the most detail I have come across on the subject and I am very grateful. Many thanks, kind regards. Paul Rowley

Posted by Selwyn Mason on 30/09/2011   Email

A great site created with a lot of hard work and dedication. A credit to all concerned and a lasting tribute to a special breed of workers with a honest sense of unselfish togetherness and concern for each other.

Posted by d drinkeld on 10/03/2011   Email

Great site I have just been reading some of the information to my farther who lives in and he remembers alot of this, His name is Hugh Drinkeld

Posted by David Wood on 25/02/2011

I have just passed your site info to the Sandyford & Goldenhill forum. I found it very interesting and will read it all eventually. Davcid

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