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by John Lumsdon
This Site Is Dedicated to The North Staffs Miners' 4,700 Plus, Fatalities
The price paid in death and injury by the miners of North Staffs in winning the coal from the bowels of the earth for the benefit of the Nation should never be forgotten. I apologise for any mistakes on this Web-site This Web-site was started 1st Dec. 2009 and will be updated periodically. I shall endevour to present as much material as possible.

I have not been able to work too much on my Web-Site as I was diagnosed

With cancer four years ago but I am making progress.

Hospital of North Staffordshire

To all
members of staff. Ward 202 Cancer Centre.
Also My Family
and Friends for their support during my illness.
I am making steady progress and feel positive about the outcome John Lumsdon. 


I have had a bone marrow biopsy, a blood test and an ultrasound X-ray then proscribed some medication,

I am feeling a bit better now and have been tidying up my web-site, making the letter size bigger plus making more paragraphs to make it better to read for older people, also added some pictures. (April 2016) 

 The Miners' Struggle Part 1docx

The Miners'Struggle Part 2.docx 

Sneyd Colliery Explosion Jan 1st plus.docx

Updated 25/3 2017
North Staffs Miners Wives UD.docx 





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